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I was Licensed in 1991 I was active on VHF and UHF in those early days Operating a dual band Yaesu FT4800 [144/433] on FM. I became less and less active during the late 1990's to early the 2000's and 2013/16 due to work pressures, but I am once again more active.

I suppose one never finishes setting up a HF station, but one of my areas of concern was my antenna. Although the garden is quite large it is not good for large long wires as the house is in the middle of the plot.

After some deliberation I have decided upon a 1/2 size G5rv.
It's in an inverted 'V' configuration the top was at about 8 meters. The “V” is East West and contacts are good. It seems to do OK. Best DX so far around 10000 miles to VK and VP land, on PSK, RTTY and SSB. So I'm very pleased with my small station. 

I'm using Ham Radio Deluxe for my Radio CAT control and for Logging contacts, it's an excellent program. Psk31 and RTTY is dealt with once again by HRD and the DM780 program. The interface is a DigiMaster USB MiniPRO by G4ZLP , which after a little bit of fiddling, it is working great. I'm also trying out SIM31 and must thank Nizar for his excellent work. : Download here ....
Also trying FT8 and WSJT-X : See web page .... Like this one a lot...

QSL cards are always replied too, I use most of the normal routes: Eqsl (AG), Lotw, Hrd Logbook, QRZ, Club Log and direct. If sending direct please enclose a SASE and if you are outside the UK, please add $2 to help with the postage costs.

No Bureau please not really collecting cards anymore